Waiting by the back room it seemed
Like she was dirty glancing at me
We met and hit it off with a late night bat
Wanted to show her off

Played another set and jumped off from the stage
Grab me a Burt Reynolds as to misbehave
Wanted to figure out where she was coming from
But still keeping it soft

Even after all was going well
She made a call to someone whom I couldn’t tell
Should we grab some grub? Let me hail a cab
She went to get her bag

What happened next was all to my surprise
Coming through the door another set of eyes
A friend? The anchor? Possibly I might of mixed this up
I think the girl was tagged.

Jenny and her hag
Jenny and her hag

Dropped me off and called me within a couple days
How about a romantic walk and some escapades
I thought about the wheel in that single night
I’m guessin just a man

 Then we headed right back to her house
A little bit of neckin on her fancy couch
I yawned and slipped my arm up over top
I felt another hand


Jenny and the hag I knew that he was jealous cuz he wanted to spend a
little bit of time with me alone. X8

Wait a minute am I to understand
That he’ll be always resting here just as a friend
Even if we’re ready from some light petting
He’ll have to tag along with

Far from what I had in mind
I’ll check out for now you can have your wine
A pec away the hag he lost his nut
He wanted to get off