Nice Dress

You we’re looking rather mysterious and grey
With curlers in you hair cucumbers and clay
Swinging conversation about your daily routine
Might I suggest some collagen injections and revival cream
But don’t let me interrupt or sway
From a relaxing and waxing day


Stand in line about a half and hour or more
Suzy homemaker like you’ve never seen her before
Yes mans best friend tucked into her purse
Why does it that the smell of leather can be to perverse
But don’t let me interrupt or sway
From your non fat low foam craze


Well that seemed to catch my attention
Cranked my neck into your general direction
Such a catalogue smell number 2026
Why don’t you head on home and get yourself fixed
And with a sniff… Ahhh
I could tell you were tense
T’was a wiff that made no sense

Nice Pants Beau Pantalon
Made by some kids for only a penny
Nice Train Beau Train
Following the tracks your arm life was so cunning
Nice Rug Beau Tapis
As nice as you are the runway’s still messy
Nice Shoes Beaux Souliers
Does the swoosh on the bottom of your boot help you get there faster
Nice Flag Beau Drapeau
Do you honestly believe I’m into what you’re selling

Nice Boat Beau Bateaux