Pretty Face

This day has come into view
The baby woke up confused
A window full of the news
That tells us all who’ve been used

She dances but unaware
Audiences growing and stare
The cherries light up her hair
I can’t see how this is fair

One end is light up and clean
The neighbor washes machines
The kids are ready to flee
Let’s wait a minute and see

Just down at the other end
Where people start to offend
A mix of folks on the mend
Who could have been way back when

A jaguar waits in dismay
Deep breathe to start of the day
Your tie is starting to fray
Your eyes are ready to play

A swirling mass had begun
The pit was growing and numb
Were people watching for fun
The bleeding truth of the young

Can’t seem took look through the past
While they’re out to siphon for gas
Your daily breath is a task
They’re growing up way to fast

Pretty Face

Hits your mind just like a shot gun
And let it blow off all your make up

Could be the path that you chose
Becoming stuck in your shoes
Another slave to the muse
Where someone leads the abuse

Another clients been served
Another life undeserved
While beaurocratic reserves
And hides the truth to conserve

The energy that you take
Socially serve you with cake
Give you a nice place to stay
Another hole from there rake

You slip on into the back
And melt down into the stack
Couldn’t sit still cuz your jacked
Will you ever succumb


You are the reason for you

So have you joined the alliance
And give your body to science
Given into the giants
Who are waiting for you


Hits your mind just like a shot gun
And let it blow off all your make-up

I find the morning leaves you fresh and clean
Until you end up looking into the mirror
Remember that you have such a pretty face